It’s true what they say – there is no handbook on parenting. Actually, that’s not true there are a lot of books on parenting. And I mean a lot. I’ve heard there is an entire section at the library, but it’s hard to say because who goes to the library anymore. I digress.

So here it is – your go to guide to surviving parenting. I don’t promise to be a parenting expert – but having been both parented and parentee I can guarantee I do know one or two things about parenting. 1. It’s hard. and 2. I don’t know anything. I do however know how to read other blogs and books on parenting and I hope to create a dialogue with other parents out there so we can all share tips and tricks to journey through Mommyhood together.

So kick back, have a shot of tequila, if that’s your thing, and let’s ride the highs and lows of mommyhood together.

P.S. Dads welcome too!


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