2018 Resolutions!

Farewell 2017, and HELLO 20-“GREAT-teen”. See what I did there? Because “Great” rhymes with eight? It’s really supposed to be 2018. But I said 20 “GREAT-teen”, because I would like to imagine it’s going to be a great year. So what better way to kick off the greatest year since 2008, than some New Year’s Resolutions!

Stop Making Awkward Jokes:

I should probably work on my joke game. As seen in my awkward attempt above. But I should have worked on that last year. For 20-HEAVENteen. As in it would take a miracle for me to improve my jokes at this point. I am destined for a life of awkwardness. Oh well.

Stop Following the Rules:

I’ve always been a rule follower. Some might call me a goodie-two-shoes. I don’t even jaywalk in the neighborhood. Seriously. However, there are rules that serve a purpose – like crossing the road at the designated cross walk to prevent being hit by a car – and rules that don’t.

I’m talking about silly judgmental rules stemming from our own insecurities we put on ourselves and other people around us that serve no real purpose. Don’t wear white after labor day.  Obscure grammar rules.  Limiting screen time. Staying in line in a traffic jam as to not cut in line. (Which has actually been shown to be counterproductive).

Anytime you hate when someone does something that has absolutely no impact on anyone – you are being a hater. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself. Or, maybe you wish you could give yourself permission to break the rules, too. So join me! Let’s break the rules together. I’ll be the one rocking white all year, eating ice cream for dinner, and misspeling words in every one of my blog posts. Bonus points to those of you who can read it without calling me an idiot.

(However, I will still stay in line in traffic because I’m horrible at merging. It’s better for everyone that way.)

Be More Proactive:

I’m relatively laid back. I go with the flow. I don’t plan every second of my day, every meal for dinner, or every weekend of the year. Which means I usually don’t get anything accomplished, have take-out way too often for dinner, and spend my weekends doing nothing.

I like being laid back. But maybe I will plan just a LITTLE bit, so that I’m not left asking myself what’s for dinner every night of the week. Or spend my weekends at Target because that’s my go to when we need to get out of the house.


So there you have it. My resolutions may not be overly ambitious, but luckily they are vague enough I can probably consider them a success regardless of how the year goes. Hit me up with your resolutions below, and maybe we can be accountability partners? Don’t worry, I promise to fizzle out and stop reminding you in two weeks. Happy New Year!


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